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Whether you are visiting Toronto for the 1st time or you have lived here all your life –and everything in between– History in Motion Bike Tours will help you understand and appreciate what a fascinating city this is. We go beyond factoids and informational tid-bits to provide you with an interactive and memorable experience of our wonderful city, all the while getting exercise on a bicycle.

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Yesterday….. & Today

We will ride around some routes and paths familiar to many Toronto cyclists, but from a different perspective. You will find out what has made Toronto what it is today and see important places Torontonians often pass by and areas they pass through, while we periodically make stops to point out lesser known landmarks and sites of historical significance. You will learn about Toronto’s history and its geography in small groups that allow for a personable, interactive experience. History In Motion Bike Tours will provide you with an enlightening and engaging way to know the city.

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Here is a quick look into what you might experience on our bike tours  

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Take the road less travelled

Let us take you to the hidden gems of the city, ones that are not part of the regular tourist routes. Go to the places even locals don’t know about. Go behind the scenes to discover the unique aspects of our fascinating city. Visit little known hideaways and hideouts which show you what being a local Torontonian is all about. By cycling around the city and off the beaten path, you will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Toronto.​


Cycle in the City

Experience Toronto by getting active. Using a bicycle to get around Toronto is a fantastic way to soak up the city. You will enjoy visiting various parts of Toronto in a healthy, fun-filled and safe way. Get some fresh air and experience what the city offers, much more than by walking. And it’s better for the environment than sitting on a bus!


Move SAFELY... & then Relax

We use the city’s advanced bicycling network system to provide a safe way for you to explore Toronto. Over 600 kilometres of bicycle tracks, bicycle lanes and bicycle paths form the basis of our routes. This extensive network provides a safe way to move and to bypass traffic congestion.

Take a journey with us

Our Tours

This trip along the Waterfront Trail makes it the safest route in the city. You will see spectacular views of Harbourfront and the Western beaches and you will gain insight into the development of Toronto from the early 18th century until today. No other tours make stops at these places, so it will be a unique experience, whether for Torontonians or for tourists. Here are some of the sites you’ll learn about on our westward journey: Ireland Park; Coronation Park; Ontario Place; Sunnyside Pool; High Park; the Humber River. You will also get to know Toronto’s rich history, from the War of 1812 to its waterfront development today.


Our first stop will be at the Distillery district, where you’ll learn how this abandoned industrial area became one of the trendiest destinations in the city. Then, heading east along Harbourfront we’ll make stops at some of the city’s best beaches: HTO Beach, Sugar Beach, Cherry Beach, and Leslie Beach. We will visit some highlights of the industrial area called the Portlands. See where tankers come through and unload their cargo; find out who Ned Hanlan was; look at an abandoned power generating station.


Some Gems

What You will See


Safe & Fun 

It's the destination AND the journey

We will be almost exclusively using bike paths and bike lanes, making our tours the SAFEST possible. If you want to avoid Toronto traffic, no problem! Toronto has an extensive network of bike paths and bike lanes, which is growing every year! Our journeys will go from stop to stop to stop and back in a relaxing and enjoyable manner, all the while learning something interesting each time.

Check out Toronto’s extensive interactive bike-lane map –>

We provide new step-through and city-designed bicycles that are continually maintained for safety.