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May, 2019

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for this bike tour, but I am really very happy that I went! Seany is an excellent tour guide — he knows lots of history about the city, and brings it out in a natural and lively way. I had no idea about the famous Ned Hanlan until I took this tour. The biking is great, you get a good amount of riding time but it won’t exhaust you. Thanks so much, Seany. I look forward to doing another tour with you in the future.


May, 2019

My guide Sean was fabulous. I learned a lot about history and culture and had the opportunity to explore multiple areas of the city. Glad I took this tour and experienced bike in Toronto. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed my tour.


MAY, 2019

I did not see the time passing in his company! Sean really mastered his subject, and was able to transmit all his passion. The ride was great, Sean cared about adapting to our bike speed for example and even thought to offer a snack. I recommend this experience to 1000%. Thank you Sean for this exceptional visit!


May, 2019

My husband, son and I went on the Toronto bike tour on Sunday. We absolutely loved it (despite the poor weather). Seany was super enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about so much Toronto history. I used to live in Toronto and learned SO much about the city that I never knew before. The stories he told, like the one about Ned Hanlon, were really engaging. Seany was really well organized and always attentive to how everyone in the group was doing, including my son who had a flat tire. Overall, a terrific experience and we would highly recommend History in Motion for anyone visiting Toronto.


May, 2019

I enjoyed the Toronto Historical bike tour. We gathered at Union Station, and from that point on Sean began to point out the historical significance of buildings and locations. Sean is friendly and well spoken and has a thorough command of interesting historical knowledge. The tour was an easy cycle along the flat lakefront trail, well away from traffic. The views are magnificent. At each destination along the way Sean told stories of the locations and the people who animated these places in the past. We learned about the enterprises that were a part of the city’s growth. We even heard music and recordings from the past. It was an excellent way to spend a morning, cycling and learning. I highly recommend this tour.


May, 2019

The bike ride was amazing! In addition to the pleasure of pedaling and appreciating Toronto’s scenic beauty and nature, Sean’s presence and information about the city’s history made the tour even more interesting and unique. I love to know about the curiosities and the main historical facts of Toronto, being able to appreciate the ride and bike. The equipment used is excellent and the host is also very attentive with all the details of safety and quality of the tour. I recommend everyone who enjoys cycling and is interested in historical knowledge about Toronto.


May, 2019

The excursion with sean was very dynamic since in addition to riding a bike through some points of the city, he explained each one of these, going incredible places and checking which team that was on the Tour out of his liking. He is a very kind person and we highly recommend him


May, 2019

Sean was very knowledgable about the tour and was able to share with us new places that even other locals might not even know. Since I seldom cycle, Sean made sure that it was a pleasant and safe experience for everybody in the tour. Really recommend joining!


May, 2019

What a great trip! I learned so much! Sean knows a lot about the history of Toronto. He made history come to life.I grew up in Toronto, but I went to places I hadn’t been to before. That was refreshing. I really felt like I know Toronto much better now. Sean was a great host because he made me feel comfortable on the tour: he is friendly and open. It’s clear that he takes pride in the city, especially its history along the waterfront. It was a very unique tour, one that included healthy snacks.